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Dr. Kaveh's medical inspiration keynote increases productivity and decreases absenteeism

Dr. Kaveh inspires patients with medical secrets to find their innate healing potential to grow healthier, day by day
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Dr. Anthony Kaveh, MD

An engineer and Silicon Valley entrepreneur turned doctor, Dr. Kaveh is a Stanford/Harvard trained anesthesiologist and integrative medicine specialist with over 400,000 followers across social media.

Dr. Kaveh's keynote shares stories from anesthesiology to reveal what you didn't know that blocks your success. Learn from his speaking engagements and social media.

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“I am so very impressed with today’s presentation. There aren’t enough words to capture my feelings”

- A.L.

“Honestly, he’s a superstar. He’s got incredible charisma and a fabulous sense of people.”

- R.S.

“Bravo! Seriously impactful… truly fantastic”

- J.C.
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ROI is important for public speakers, including Dr. Kaveh, who increases value to your members with his inspiring medical stories

Medical inspiration that delivers 1.5-3x through productivity

COVID has greatly affected employee wellbeing, which has decreased productivity. Dr. Kaveh's speaking can improve wellbeing and enhance performance for your members.
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Enhanced post-pandemic wellbeing for greater performance

Psychological capital is powerful for citizenship, productivity, and absenteeism. Dr. Kaveh's motivational speaking can build your association's psychological capital.
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Science that enhances organizational citizenship and reduces absenteeism

Productivity is unlocked with Dr. Kaveh's inspirational medical secrets from anesthesiology. Your members will learn how they can unlock their success with greater productivity and decreased absenteeism from Dr. Kaveh.

Stories from anesthesiology that unlock and inspire your success

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