Inspirational Medical Stories

Uncovering Your POTENTIAL

Anthony Kaveh uses stories from anesthesiology to reveal the hidden potential within all of us
Dr. Kaveh inspires patients with medical secrets to find their innate healing potential to grow healthier, day by day

Format: 60 minute keynote
All talks are customized to audience

Count backwards from 10: inspirational stories from under anesthesia to unleash your team's potential

Dr. Anthony Kaveh shares the incredible story of what happens to your body under anesthesia with millions over social media, revealing transformative healing experiences that reduce anxiety, pain, addiction, and other debilitating mental health conditions.

As a genuine social media celebrity, Dr. Kaveh’s high energy, customized keynotes are highly sought after by events with a high proportion of Millennials and Gen Z in their audiences.

But it is the content that keeps everyone in the room fixated on his inspirational message of unleashing the potential of the human mind to transform and transcend self-limiting barriers.

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Our human body has in incredible innate healing potential to grow and heal itself - Dr. Kaveh explains this on social media and in keynote presentations

executive summary

We are familiar with stories of incredible bodily feats: spontaneous fertility after years of trying, sudden physical strength in the elderly, or even chronic pain suddenly vanishing.

These examples are mistaken as “medical miracles” that are unknown and beyond our control. This is simply not true.

These feats come from the same, powerful source: our mind’s hidden potential. However, the mind and body are limited by our self-perceptions, which then limits our potential for happiness and productivity.

Dr. Kaveh shares experiences from surgery to reveal the untold story of what happens to the human body under anesthesia. This reveal demonstrates medicine's greatest secret: the incredible human potential that is uncovered once we stop remembering, even in the most vulnerable and frightening moments of life. This little-known phenomenon engages audience curiosity to inspire workplaces to build psychological capital to counter absenteeism and poor performance.


  1. Generate strategies to capture 6:1 health and wellness ROI with psychological capital
  2. Focus wellness efforts using medically validated strategies to inspire employee positivity
  3. Understand how psychological capital counters absenteeism, mental illness, and poor performance, and how to adapt it to participants' specific industries
Dr. Kaveh speaks on human potential with the objective of audiences gaining psychological capital to grow resilient
Dr. Anthony Kaveh's keynote presentations leave listeners with many take aways, including the greatest ROI, or return on investment, of all: our health

take aways

  1. Investing in mental & physical health pays: good health is good business
  2. Inspiring employee positivity directly affects neurobiology and presenteeism
  3. Motivational propensity, or psychological capital, can be developed to counter absenteeism, mental illness, and poor performance

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Dr. Anthony Kaveh can customize speaking presentations across medicine and social media to specialize your presentation to your audience
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COVID has greatly affected employee wellbeing, which has decreased productivity. Dr. Kaveh's speaking can improve wellbeing and enhance performance for your members.
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“I am so very impressed with today’s presentation. There aren’t enough words to capture my feelings”

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- R.S.

“Bravo! Seriously impactful… truly fantastic”

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