Dr. Anthony Kaveh is a board-certified anesthesiologist and integrative medicine specialist. He empowers patients to find their innate healing potential
Dr. Kaveh inspires patients with medical secrets to find their innate healing potential to grow healthier, day by day
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Anthony Kaveh MD

Dr. Anthony Kaveh is an engineer turned doctor, completing medical school at Stanford, medical internship at UCLA, residency at Harvard, and fellowship training at the University of Arizona.

He has shared stories from anesthesiology with millions over social media, showing incredible transformative healing experiences reducing anxiety, pain, addiction, and other debilitating mental health conditions.

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“I am so very impressed with today’s presentation. There aren’t enough words to capture my feelings”

- A.L.

“Honestly, he’s a superstar. He’s got incredible charisma and a fabulous sense of people.”

- R.S.

“Bravo! Seriously impactful… truly fantastic”

- J.C.
what dr. kaveh stands for

Inner Healing Potential

Dr. Kaveh's passion is for patients to discover their natural, innate healing potential to achieve success. Technology can be a powerful tool to give insights into our bodies that ancient practices discovered over generations. However, we must be careful to not overly rely on technology or other external sources for our happiness and health. Once we harness our natural healing, we can reduce our need for medications and achieve the state of flow.

You have more power over your health than you've ever been told!

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Dr. Kaveh MD is a board-certified anesthesiologist who shares medical secrets to help patients achieve their innate healing potential


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