August 22, 2022

Anxiety Relief Before Surgery - Doctor's Top 3 Tips

Dr. Kaveh shows anxiety can be serious before surgery, and it can have serious consequences. He explains powerful, natural ways to reduce anxiety before surgery

Anxiety before surgery is very common, but it can also cause complications both inside and outside the operating room. Anxiety can come from fear of pain, anesthesia, surgery, complications, unknowns, and so many other things. Because it has such a serious impact on the body, I wanted to share my top three tips for how you can naturally reduce anxiety both before surgery and in other stressful times of your life!

Some patients are anxious because they might say embarrassing things under anesthesia. This is where the importance of mind body control comes in. And you don’t need significant training to begin to take control of your mind and body, it all starts with breathing techniques!

In one of my previous videos, where I connected myself to the ventilator and the life support monitors, I demonstrated just how powerful breathing techniques can be to control panic attack symptoms. You should check out that video!

Additionally, there are some supplements that can help relieve anxiety. Unfortunately, many of them are contraindicated, or dangerous, before surgery and anesthesia. I discuss some of the safer ones, but you should always discuss any supplements with your doctors first, especially before surgery!Lastly, and most powerfully, is the power of curiosity about the effects of anesthesia on your body. Leaning into this curiosity, especially with an anesthesiologist willing to guide you, can help overcome anxiety with lifelong effects! This is because the disinhibited brain is powerfully influenceable to unlock your inner healing potential. Some call it the placebo effect, I call it simply uncovering your hidden healing potential. This is by far the most mysterious, and my favorite, strategy for overcoming anxiety in stressful situations.

There are runner-up’s that I didn’t get to in this video, including exposure therapy and music therapy, among others. If interested, let me know below and I can discuss those in a separate video!

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