September 29, 2022

Dying From a Broken Heart: 3 Ways Mental Stress & Anxiety Cause Death

Broken heart syndrome is a powerful example of the strength our mental health has over our physical bodies, as seen in this image with Dr. Kaveh explaining Takotsubo cardiomyopathy

Mental health, especially anxiety and depression, have huge impacts on our physical health. I see it in my patients inside and outside the operating room every day. Unfortunately, the mind-body connection that connects our mental health and physical body is not well taught in medical school. Heart attacks, heart failure, strokes, asthma, and so many other physical conditions can have strong correlations to our mental health. Your mindset and mental health absolutely affect your physical body, and mental health can have very serious physical symptoms in your body.

In this video, I discuss three (and a half) important medical conditions, that can even result in death, from poor mental health. Stress and anxiety can kill, no question about it, and I’m going to give you very specific examples of how mental health can affect the physical body. The broken heart syndrome is rare but incredibly dangerous, and it’s just one small example of severe physical disease that can come from mental stress. Heart attacks, strokes, asthma, atherosclerosis, and other disease can be directly related to unmanaged anxiety and depression.

Depression, anxiety, unmanaged stress, and other mental health conditions are serious, and they can be reversed. Many times, this reversal can happen without medications! It’s incredibly empowering when patients learn the natural power they have to overcome these debilitating mental health conditions. Being able to overcome the barriers to self-healing is an important step to healing from anxiety and depression. Surgery offers a powerful situation where you can empower yourself to overcome anxiety and depression. It’s partly due to the psychedelic affects of some anesthetic medications, as well as the compassion of your doctor who is guiding you through the stress of surgery.

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