Dr. Kaveh inspires patients with medical secrets to find their innate healing potential to grow healthier, day by day

Medical Miracles that Inspire

You have more power over your health than you've ever been told!

A physician entrepreneur, engineer, and public speaker, Dr. Kaveh inspires organizations with the greatest secrets of medicine.

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talk #1:
your hidden potential

Most people are entirely unaware of their body's potential to grow and heal. We are capable of extraordinary physical feats with the mind-body connection.

But our society downplays this powerful potential engrained in our DNA.

Dr. Kaveh shares incredible stories in his patients inside and outside the operating room to inspire your audience to harness this innate potential.

talk #2:
the innate healing potential

The greatest secret in medicine is the body's inner healing potential.

With or without medications, your body is capable of powerful healing, even when modern medicine can't explain how.

Dr. Kaveh shares how we can all access this mysterious medical power with powerful examples and patient stories.

talk #3:
your body's scorecard

Your body has a remarkable memory, but the mind may not have access to these impressions on your body.

Conventional medicine often leaves us with "bandaid" solutions instead finding the underlying trauma. This is particularly true in surgery.

Dr. Kaveh explains how to access your body's scorecard, and how it reveals itself under anesthesia. This is the first step to healing.

specialized talk

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